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PAT Testing Edinburgh

Pat Testing Edinburgh

Pat Testing Edinburgh welcome to AEW Electrical (Andy White)  PAT & Fixed Appliances testing services for landlords and letting agents.

City Centre PAT and fixed Appliance Testing

image of a pat tester
PAT Testing

With the current In Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment Code of Practice 5th Edition that includes portable & fixed equipment . AEW recognises that Landlords and Letting Agents in the city centre have issues getting access for contractors due to restricted or no parking environment in some areas. So, AEW is now offering a mobile PAT service using public transport.

AEW has created PAT testing Edinburgh and have been servicing properties in the city centre for the past 15 years. AEW fully understands that the street parking is now being reduced to allow a more pedestrian friendly environment. This makes it more difficult to service and maintain properties in these areas. Apparently some contractors are openly refusing to take on work due to lack of access. So, AEW approach is to try and work with it and adapt the business to suit the environment and customers needs to get the work done.

Fixed Appliance Testing

Image of a storage heater
Storage Heater

What does fix appliance testing consist of as there is no plug top to test with. Please see this short video by Seaward who is a leading PAT tester manufacturer.

Landlord & Letting Agent Feedback

AEW has taken feedback from Landlords and Letting Agents. What’s more they say they cannot get their properties serviced for maintenance within the timescales required . The main concern is that safety checks are going past there due dates.

Also to answer a query by a couple of landlords and letting agents who say Some PAT testers are saying you can ignore testing fixed appliances. I explained that most of them are not electricians so the lack of experience , training & insurance puts them at a disadvantage. In addition I highlighted that the property does not comply with the Code of Practice 5th edition.

Additional Services

Along with PAT AEW also offers Legionella checks. Smoke detector tests to ensure the correct operation. RCD test trips to ensure good operation. Click Here

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