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Fixed Appliance Testing

Getting inquiries about clarification on Fixed Appliance Testing and why does it matter. Landlords and letting agents are asking why this has to be done and how does affect PAT testing.

First of all is the terminology of Portable Appliance Testing. Although it is commonly known as PAT testing it is actually under the 5th edition of the Code of Practise of In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment

Why do we need to test Fixed Appliances

In a rented property it was found that the electrical installation is tested via an Electrical Condition Report. Portable Appliances or PAT testing it was found Fixed appliances were not getting checked.

So, How does fixed appliance come under Portable Appliance Testing

Although we still use the terminology of PAT Testing it is actually under the ISITEE CoP 5th edition that now includes fixed appliances.

So, what is classed as a fixed appliance

Cooker / Electric oven
Electric & Gas hobs
Storage & Wall heaters
Basically any electrical equipment hard wired into the electrical installation

Do I need to get these checked

Basically Yes . Testing fixed appliances completes the circle of electrical testing for a rented property.

Can as a landlord letting agent just ignore this and stick to portable appliances

Basically No. You are obliged to get this equipment tested,

Why test a fixed appliance

Electrical equipment testing essentially is completed to ensure that if it devlopes a fault then the unit will trip a fuse / breaker or RCD via an earth or overload fault. So, let’s take the example of say an electric oven. If it developes a fault where the unit trips a fuse or breaker. But if the oven does not have a good earth connection then the metal casing could become live. So, testing it ensures any fault has a safe path to earth.