Fire Alarms


image of a smoke detector
Smoke detector

Interlinked fire alarms have been maditory in rented properties since March 2019. The vast majority of landlords have complied with this and recently this has been rolled out to every home in Scotland must have interlinked fire alarms by February 2022. Scottish Governent info link.


image of fire alarm test
Test procedure

It is good practise to test the operation of the fire alarms periodically to ensure they are working correctly to the current regulations. These can be tested at the same time during the portable and fixed appliance visit and documented. Remember the authorities will need evidence to prove you have done this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to check the operation of my fire alarms

It’s is good practise to test them for the correct operation and also to log the fact that they have been tested. This is a good audit trail for the future if there is any issues.

Are all fire alarms the same

Operational wise yes but there is slight differences such as :-
Battery interlinked wireless sensors
Combined mains & battery interlinked sensors
Interlinked combined mains & battery along with wireless sensors (mixed)

How do I know my fire alarms operate correctly

Say your property has 3 smoke and 1 heat sensors fitted. Testing one it must activate the other sensors. Failure for this to happen means the property does not comply with the regulations

How long does a fire alarm last

Standard lifespan is 10 years so some manufactures put a replacement date on the sensor. Others may put a date of manufactured on them. So, it’s good to log this so you can plan to replace them on or before the due date

How long does the battery sensors last for

Lithium sealed units usually come with a 10 year lifespan

What about the Mains battery backup alarms

These have PP3 9-volt batteries fitted and usually last for 2-3 years. They will also give out an intermittent bleep to indicate the battery is low and needs replaced.