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Legionella Checks

Along with PAT & Fixed appliance testing AEW can also complete legionella checks on the same visit. So,what’s involved ?

  • Flushing out water lines.
  • Recording the the temperature of hot and cold taps to ensure they are within limits.
  • Disinfecting shower heads and hoses.
  • Why do them.?

Flushing out water lines are essential when the property has not been used for a period of time.

image of a digital temerature and humidity displayRecording the temperature of the hot and cold water outlets are within the prescribed limits.

image of shower head & hoseDisinfecting the shower head and hose with a bleach solution. This is good practise and demonstrates the landlord is proactive when it comes to sterilising these items.

Why do them. ? Well these checks need to be done plus it is a good audit trail to prove to interested parties that they have been completed.

For more information click Here for the Health & Safety Executive site on managing Legionella in hot and cold water systems.