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Privacy Policy


What personal information will AEW hold

As a small business AEW will only collect the information required for the sole purpose of the customers enquiry i.e. email address and contact phone number.

How and why to you collect it

Your data is collected via the website(s) contact forms or by direct email or phone call to AEW. The data collected is only contact data.

Please note the website does not hold any data and no third party software is used to store or manage via a databse.

How you use it

Data is used only to contact you with correspondence regarding your enquiry.

How do you secure it

Your data is stored on a password protected computer.

Has any third party have access to your data

No AEW does not and will not pass on your information to any third party.

Do you use cookies or collect IP addresses

AEW does not use cookies or collect IP addresses plus none of your data is held on any AEW website(s) servers.

Online payments

AEW does not use online payments systems so no bank or credit card information is required or asked for.

How does the user control aspects of their data.

They can request at any time any data held on them should be deleted.

How long does AEW hold on to your data.

If it is a general enquiry with no work completed then all data i.e. emails and telephone  calls or texts will be deleted after 2 months.

 If it is a stair lighting enquiry then your data will be held on a password protected spreadsheet. After one year your contact data i.e. name and email address will be deleted but the stair survey details will be retained. No phone numbers are held on this spreadsheet.

If you have been invoiced for work completed then emails pertaining to the work will be kept for 18 months after the date on the invoice.

AEW will hold on to invoices for audit purposeā€™s and for HMRC records.