RCD Testing

RCD Testing

 Testing an RCD is  essential to confirm the safe operation of these types of safety breakers. Its also good practise and can be a good audit trail if needed for future reference.  Manufacturers recommend testing them every three months or quarterly. It is necessary to operate certain RCD mechanisms in order to prevent them from becoming stuck in the on position.

image of a RCD
RCD safety breaker

An RCD device is tested for operation in this video. Click here

Label on a standard consumer unit

IMPORTANT. This installation or part of it, is protectected by a device which automatically switches off the supply if an earth fault developes. Test quarterly by pressing the test button marked “T” or Test. The device should switch off the supply and should be switched on to restore the supply. If the device does not switch off the supply when the button is pressed , seek expert advice.

Why do you call the electrical board a consumer unit instead of a fuse board

Consumer units have evolved from “Fuse boards” and have circuit breakers , RCD safety breakers and Surge protection.

What if the property I let out does not have a new type consumer unit.

A property must be have RCD safety breakers fitted to comply with current regulations so as to protect the electrical installation and the tenants

When one of my RCD safety breakers trips

It means the breaker has detected an earth fault. Also the majority of trips are usually down to faulty electrical equipment. Some trips can be down to a fault on the electrical installation.

If a tenant reports the RCD has tripped what’s the procedure

Most of the time it is a faulty appliance or lead so, it is a process of elimination by unplugging appliances to check if the RCD will reset. AEW help sheet click here to download.